Saturday, January 12, 2013

Adventure skiing with Harold

   Great skiing today in Desolation Wilderness!  After a crazy couple of weeks at the resort, it feels like winter finally started this week.  The crowds have dissipated a bit, the snowpack is relatively stable and the temps are nice and cold.

   Our plan was to climb Maggies, descend north-facing trees and then drop into the Cascade Creek drainage and have a look at the North face/ridge trees of Tallac (anybody have a good name for this area?  I haven't heard of a ton of traffic back there, but we saw tracks from several other parties).  Other than descending south-facing terrain from Granite Lake down into Cascade Creek, we found 6-8" of blower cold hero snow on top of a soft, edgeable base.

   Both McD and I were on new, lightweight setups and this tour was a great test!  My Dynafit TLT5/La Sportiva GT combo handled these conditions pretty well and I felt like I was in nordic gear during the climbs, it was awesome!  

   Two big dorks, excited to be on a peak in the Sierra with no wind!

   The snow was great for uphill travel, but the North Trees area of Tallac was a bit steep for skinning the whole way and we ended up having to bootpack part of the climb.  It would probably be more efficient to climb the conventional way towards the North Bowl and then traverse out to this area. 

 It was a great pitch for skiing and protected from sun and wind, leaving great snow conditions!  Thanks for the work behind the camera Matt, always fun to have great pictures to remember a day like this!

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